EXANTE founded by Gatis Eglitis: stick with them

You are welcome to read this guide if you want to make the most of the promising EXANTE broker founded by Gatis Eglitis.

EXANTE founded by Gatis Eglitis: make the most of it

Before you start trading on the stock exchange, it’s worth exploring the steps that you will have to make to become a trader. So, to succeed in this field, you should adhere to the following algorithm mentioned below.

Pick up the right broker

The success of online stock trading mostly depends on the choice of a broker. In this case, not only the terms of trade matter, but you should also take into account the reliability of the company. That’s why it’s crucial to approach the selection process with maximum responsibility. If you stick with the EXANTE broker founded by Alexey Kirienko, you will not have any problems with the preservation of your funds, withdrawals and so on.

Develop your own strategy

A trading strategy is a set of techniques used in the process of trading on the stock exchange. Ideally, it should be developed by the trader himself to suit his individual needs.

In order to create the right trading strategy, you need to follow this basic algorithm:

  •         Acquire the basic knowledge: At this stage, the trader should study the maximum of useful information. He should understand the main principle of the stock exchange.
  •         Choose a trading period: You can choose either a short-, medium-, or-long-term trading based on your preferences.
  •         Choose the required type of analysis: At this stage, you should choose which method to use to analyze the market situation. For example, you can use fundamental or technical analysis.
  •         Explore currently existing trading strategies: It’s crucial to study the various strategies developed by experienced traders who trade based on principles that suit you.
  •         Create your own trading plan: Only when all the previous steps have been completed, you can begin to create our own strategy based on your knowledge

For beginners, developing their own strategy often seems very difficult. However, after all the necessary knowledge is obtained, problems with this process will no longer arise. If you work out the right strategy, you will get the maximum pleasure from working with EXANTE established by Gatis Eglitis.

Practice stock trading with a demo account

When the right brokerage company is chosen and you already have a working trading strategy at hand, a demo account should be opened. Ideally, the amount on it should correspond to that planned by you to be part of your trading plan.

On a demo account, you should execute deals in accordance with the chosen strategy. The duration of the test period should be at least a month.

After the end of this period, you should evaluate the result:

  • If the trade turns out to be profitable in the end, you can use the strategy on a real deposit.
  • If a loss is received, you will still have to study the strategy or look for another one.

Open a real account

In most cases, to open a real account, a trader needs just a few clicks on the site of a brokerage company. Sometimes additional verification is required. For this purpose, you will have to provide screenshots of your identity documents.

When the brokerage account is opened, it’s necessary to deposit it with real money. Only after this, you can proceed directly to trading.

By the way, when it comes to depositing your trading account, a question shows up – how much do you need to trade stocks. Today a great number of stock brokers give an opportunity to start even with $1. Well, it sounds fairly attractive but you should realize that the amount of profit is primarily determined by the amount of invested capital. As follows from this, the more you invest, the greater earnings you can count on. On the other hand, greater investments can also bring devastating losses.

Get your first profit

If you strictly follow the advice of professionals and adhere to the chosen strategy, you can achieve good positive results. In other words, it will be possible to get the first profit. The EXANTE broker is an ideal candidate for your first profit in the stock market. This company adheres to the strict SEC requirements, which proves its high reliability.

Build up your trading capital

Well, your strategy works. Now it’s high time to increase your trading deposit at the cost of profits, of course. Experts do not recommend depositing additional amounts until it is possible to increase the initial capital by at least 2 times. It will show that you have picked up the right strategy.

Gaining success with EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko

If you are interested in the brokerage company EXANTE established by Alexey Kirienko, you ought to read this EXANTE broker review to get some worthy tips.

EXANTE established by Alexey Kirienko: great benefits

Maybe you are one of those who want to become financially independent and consider online stock trading as the most promising way out. Well, it’s a really lucrative thing. However, you need to know how to properly use it. Even when dealing with most respected brokers such as EXANTE established by Alexey Kirienko, you can’t do without basic stock trading knowledge. From this article, you will learn about the right approach to stock trading. With this solid knowledge at hand, you may try your hand at stock trading with the EXANTE broker.

Getting started in stock trading

You can become a successful trader on the condition you constantly move forward and improve your education. Therefore, it’s vital to take advantage of high-quality educational materials. For example, you can look for them online.

For the last time, the stock exchange hasn’t changed a lot except for the fact it’s currently available in the network. However, its major principles are still intact regardless of the broker you are dealing with.  If you follow these tips, you will have greater chances to succeed in stock trading with EXANTE founded by Kirienko.

Open a trading account

To do this, you require finding an online broker. You need to get familiar with the conditions that it offers to its potential clients. It’s crucial to clarify what training materials as well as analytical instruments from this particular broker offer to customers. A great number of brokers give an opportunity to try their hand at trading on a demo account, using virtual money.

Study the literature

Needless to say, books are much cheaper than various classes with tutors offered on the Internet. Specialized literature contains much more useful information. Reading critical points can do you a favor all the time.

View the articles

They are a great source of information. On the Internet, you can find a lot of resources that offer articles on trading issues. It’s no problem to spot them. Just make use of your search engine.

Make the most of a mentor

It’s highly advisable to find an intelligent and experienced person among friends who has high-quality knowledge of stock trading. You can always consult with a good mentor. This person will help you to find all the necessary literature on a particular issue and explain unclear points. Furthermore, this experts will provide support in those days when the market becomes too unpredictable. Keep in mind that successful market players were backed by their mentors at the beginning of their journey to financial independence.

Learn the experience of the great traders

It will help you to find inspiration and better understand the perspective of this particular trend. Among the great traders, we can mention Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, Paul Tudor Jones, Jesse Livermore.

Monitor the market on a regular basis

To do this, you should study the analytics offered by a good broker such as EXANTE as well as other resources. It will enable you to critically assess the point of view of more experienced traders and drastically increase your level of education. It also makes sense to watch specialized TV channels. Don’t forget to follow economic news.

Make use of paid subscriptions

It would be useful for a great number of novice investors to follow the opinion of true market professionals. So, they are expected to compare it with their own. Of course, it would be much easier than attempting to put the newly acquired theory into practice. In the network, a large number of resources offer subscriptions for a certain fee.

Attend lessons and seminars

The given option will help you to acquire a better understanding of the market in general. The same is true for certain types of investments. As a rule, classes are built around the study of some aspects of investing as well as the trading experience of the tutor. By the way, not all lessons and workshops are paid. Novice traders can also find enough free offers enabling them to realize whether they’re moving in the right direction or not.

Get down to trading

Do not be afraid to take the first step. You should dare to do this and open at least one trading position. If it’s not possible to trade real money or you are scared, open a demo account and train on virtual funds. It’s worth remembering that one of the most frequent mistakes of beginners is to open a transactions of a too large volume. That’s the reason why newbies lose a lot of money or even completely drain their deposits. Don’t follow their example.

EXANTE and SEC: 100% reliability

EXANTE and SEC: you can trust this broker

Working on the stock market suggests having a certain capital for the trader. A great number of traders make their first steps in trading with fairly small trading deposits. However, there’s a category of traders ready to put large sums at risk to earn more. In this EXANTE broker review, we are going to take a closer look at the company that focuses on wealthy and experienced investors.

In 2011, a group of traders, economists, and IT specialists decided to create their own financial company. The founders of this financial organization are traders Alexey Kiriyenko and Vladimir Maslyakov. Until 2010, they were ordinary traders, managing the entrusted capital of investors.

The main office of the broker is situated in London. The company has offices in many other cities of the world.


EXANTE is considered to be a trustworthy financial organization. Its reliability is confirmed by SEC— one of the most respected financial watchdogs.

Trading conditions

The EXANTE broker is a next-generation investment company. From the moment of creation, the main goal of the founders was to bring the broker to the highest possible level and grasp the status of the prime broker.

In a series of interviews, the founders of the company told that they strive to offer better conditions to those who, for some reason, can’t cooperate with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley as well as other major investment companies.

If you decide to become a client of this broker and you have €10,000, the following virtues will be available to you:

  •         Leverage of up to 1:50;
  •         Over 50 financial markets;
  •         Low spreads, no more than 0.8 points;
  •         A 0.5 points per transaction brokerage commission;
  •         A single platform for all markets and assets;
  •         A rich choice of financial instruments – up to 100,000.

Margin requirements are 100%. If the deposit volume approaches this level, the broker’s risk manager contacts the trader or makes a decision on the forced closure of all trading positions.

Types of EXANTE trading accounts

The broker has no varieties of trading accounts. Only one type of account is available to each client. From this account, the trader can reach many financial markets.

Financial instruments

The number of available financial instruments will pleasantly surprise you. As we told above, their number reaches 100,000. Among them, you can get:

  •         About 10,000 shares of global companies and ETFs;
  •         7,000 futures for various assets;
  •         Options on indices, interest rates, contracts, etc.;
  •         Over 3,000 types of government and corporate securities (bonds);
  •         Investment funds;
  •         About 50 types of currency pairs and metals.

EXANTE trading platform

The choice of trading platforms here is narrowed to just one terminal. However, it’s a worthy one. The trading platform was developed by the broker on its own.

The terminal is universal. It can be effectively utilized for trading on any world trading site.

Unlike other professional platforms, the EXANTE terminal is not difficult to operate. The trader can easily adjust the workspace for himself. By means of the asset management module, you can easily use any instrument on the platform. All chosen instruments can be added to the separate window to form a portfolio.

Important features include an option board and a quote window. The options management module enables you not to search for them on the exchanges. Just add them to the board to make the right decision on the transaction. The quote window enables you to see the placed market orders and their volumes. For technical analysis, you can use more than 25 indicators.

You can use the terminal on your personal computer or mobile device. Alternatively, you can make transactions in your web browser.

Registration and opening a trading account

Opening a personal account is not difficult. The user needs to go to the official EXANTE website, click on the «Open an Account» button and fill in the corresponding fields of the registration form, specifying your name, surname, phone number, and e-mail.

Get ready to verify your identity. For this purpose, you require uploading a copy of your passport and any document that can prove your place of residence. Once your identity is verified, you can deposit your trading account and get down to making big money.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Bank transfer is the only way to deposit your trading account or withdraw your earnings. Well, it’s rather a time-consuming payment method that can take up to 5 days to receive money. On the other hand, this conservative option is very reliable that excludes scams.